Earlier this month I went over to Hylands Park to meet with Ade Edmonson, of The Young Ones and Bottom fame, who had come over to do a bit of logging with Hawthorn Heavy Horses.  He was filming his second series of Ade in Britain, which looks at interesting local aspects and traditions of British life.  The programme he was filming is going to be all about Essex, and naturally he wanted to feature East England's traditional breed of heavy horse - the Suffolk.  After helping Matt and Claudia groom and harness Holly, Ade had a go at leading her and then it was off to the woods to help us pull out some of the last few chunks of hornbeam coppice that Matt and I had felled over the winter.

How did Ade get on?  Well, you will have to wait until the programme goes out, but it would be fair to say that, under Matt's expert guidance, Ade certainly had the potential makings of a good horse logger.

After taking a final picture with his Polaroid camera, Ade and his film crew then headed off to Tiptree fruit farm to capture a bit more of Essex life.  And here is Claudia's picture of Matt and myself with Ade outside Hylands Stables Centre...


As it was the first day's filming for the new series, it is likely to be some time before the programme goes out.