So, why did I become a horse logger?  It doesn’t seem like a job that would immediately spring to mind if you were planning a change in career.    Looking back at it now, I can see so many influences from my life which led to this point.  From a lifelong love of woods and trees, to being Director of the South Yorkshire Community Forest and even being ruthlessly introduced to the joy of horses by my wife!

I’ve known of horse logging for a long time; even considering it as part of the way to manage the Community Forest as far back as 1991!  But it was on a visit to the Lake District that, for me, all the pieces came together.

I was walking round Tarn Hows lake with my wife, Beck and, in the distance, on the far side of the lake we could see horses working on the edge of the wood.  Well, that was it, we had to go and investigate (apparently).  What a sight.  A pair of lovely Ardennes (so the wife informed me) hauling logs in a beautiful wood in the glory of the Lake District. 

And that was it.  The realization that, in one leap of faith, I could combine my love of woods and horses, my knowledge and skills in woodland and countryside management and my interest in doing this in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

All we needed now was a plan …