… the horse!

And I now knew, with Matt and Claudia’s help, that this would be just the start; with a long list of equipment to follow.  So the search began 

The word went out via Beck’s mum and the Rainbow Trails lot to see if any of them had or knew of a working horse for sale.  Beck’s niece, Freya, was keeping an eye out through her contacts from the Stampede Stunt Company (in the video she's the one with the bow and arrow).  Beck spent hours on the internet.  We searched and waited.  A few leads, a few suggestions, but nothing coming of any of them.

Then we spotted Elza on dragondriving.co.uk!  Perfect.  Experienced, the right size, good natured and all the kit and equipment you could dream of.  We saw her, we drove her, we loved her: we agreed the sale, booked the transport and were all set. 

All going too well?  Oh, yes.  The night before we were due to pick her up, the tearful owner rang to say she couldn’t go through with it.  We understood all too well, but it felt rotten and what a set back for the plan.  Back to waiting, back to searching the internet.

Then, an urgent call from Beck.  Elza’s back on dragondriving.co.uk, with a note on it saying could the buyers from before please get in touch!  They’d lost our contact details and wanted to know if we were still interested. 

Well, that was it, Powys Forest Horses had its first horse.  Elza van Ramsburg.  And we love her.  Oh, and the equipment came with her so now we were ready for business.