A trip to a British Horse Loggers committee meeting in Sheffield presented me with a good excuse to visit my old friend Peter Lawley and the wood that he owns near York.  Peter bought the small wood a couple of years ago and having got the Rhododendron pretty much under control, his thoughts had moved on to management of the canopy trees.  I last visited the wood soon after he had bought it and at that time set out for him some management recommendations.  One of these was to undertake some thinning, particularly of the non-native sycamore to help the oak and ash thrive and to stop those pesky sycamore seedlings from sprouting wherever there was a gap in the canopy.  We removed around a dozen trees, which should fuel Peter and Anne's wood burning stoves for a good while next year.  I also had the chance to use my new pulley block that I had bought to use with my winch for directional felling - worked like a dream.

Peter and me

Winching a leaning sycamore so it lands in Peter's half of the wood