When I tell people I have been horse logging for two weeks at Stansted Airport they seem surprised; well I suppose we weren't in the airport but we couldn't have been much closer.  I was working with Matt Waller from Hawthorn Heavy Horses at East End Wood literally at the east end of the runway.  The wood a SSSI is owned by the airport and as part of their management plan some large oaks had been felled and Matt and I had the job to get the timber out, which we did with the help of two of Hawthorn's horses, Holly and Roy.  Both are Suffolk Punches and while Holly was used to this kind of work and the noise from the planes overhead this was Roy's professional debut.  And a great job we all did, despite some pretty muddy conditions.  Because the timber was so heavy, with several logs over a tonne each, we used a special piece of equipment called a pole arch.  The pole arch has a hand winch that can lift up to 3 tonnes - allowing us to get the log off the ground and making it possible for the pair of horses to shift it.  Here I am with Holly and Roy and one of the bigger pieces of oak.