Since September I have been working on and off on this job with Barbara Haddrill from Carnog Working Horses.  Its a Natural Resources Wales owned site and Barbara has a contract with NRW to thin out up to 120 tonnes of mostly non-native species - particularly beech, sitka spruce and Douglas fir.  Working with Kevin Taylor - an apprentice horse logger - and Duncan Goulder, Barbara and myself have undertaken the felling and extraction with Elza and Barbara's pair of ponies - Tyler and Billy.

We used three methods of extracting the timber - traces/chains for the smaller stuff, a timber arch for the bigger pieces and, for the largest Douglas fir saw logs, a forwarder which got the whole log off the ground.

Elza and Tyler and Billy snigging out the smaller beech logs using trace chains and a swingle tree

Elza delivering one of the biggest Douglas fir sawlogs to the collection site using a small forwarder

The horses taking a break he collection site by the side of Laundry Lane