This was a small job for Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and took a couple of days to complete.  NRW had felled a number or red oak trees in this woodland SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in order to open up the canopy to encourage growth of native plants.  The red oaks were chosen because as an American species they are not native to Wales.  The key challenge at Pont Llogel was how to get the timber out without damaging the gravel footpath which forms a section of both the Ann Griffiths Walk and the long-distance footpath Glyndwr's Way.  I did this by using a timber arch which was manoeuvrable enough in the narrow site but lifted the front end of the logs off the ground and with a bit of careful steering by myself and Elza we were able to run the logs down either side of the path.

The biggest pieces we took out were just under half a tonne and the results of our work were donated to the local community to support the nearby Llwydiarth Church and Village Hall.

Using the timber arch on the narrow gravel path