Timber Extraction

Our horses can get to places vehicles can't and with the minimum of damage to your woodland.  We use a variety of equipment: in most cases the horse will drag the timber using only harness and chains, while heavier timber, or longer distances, might need specialist equipment such as a timber arch.  The aim is to help you sustainably manage your wood, extracting the right timber at the right time with least harm done and getting your valuable resources to where you need them.

Very often the costs associated with managing your wood in this way will be offset by the value of the timber extracted.

Coppicing, Thinning and Felling 

We can provide coppicing, planned thinning and managed felling and Elza is just as happy to help make brash piles as habitats as she is pulling out the larger trees for firewood or timber. 

If needed, either for larger or much more complicated projects, we work with other skilled and qualified foresters.

Bracken control 

With the banning of the herbicide Asulam, bracken control by chemical means will cease to be an option for land owners from the end of 2012, the last date when existing stocks can be used.  

Mechanical control, using a roller to crush and break the stems is now the best option and we can provide this service using a horse.

Woodland Management advice

We can help you decide what is best for your woodland and advise on grants that may be available.  

We will work with you to identify what your woodland needs and what you want for your woodland to secure its long-term future.  This can include: thinning, coppicing, planting and encouraging natural regeneration.

Shows and demonstrations 

We are available to attend and provide demonstrations of horse logging or other activities at shows and events.  Many people have never been close to a horse, particularly one of Elza's size.  At these events, as well as witnessing a heavy horse at work, there is usually a chance for visitors to see Elza close up, touch and stroke her.  

Experience Days 

If you are interested in spending some time finding out more about horse logging and working with Nick and Elza for a day or two please get in touch.  Our experience days usually take place at our farm and in our nearby woodland.

"I had a fantastic day with Nick and Elza. I was so impressed with how 
they worked together as a team and Elza is such a superstar. It was 
such a wonderful introduction to horse logging in quite a challenging 
site. It was a fantastic experience working more closely with Elza 
towards the end of the day encouraging her up some extremely steep 
hills. What a girl! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and 
a day I will never forget."   Helen, Experience Day participant

Clients and Contracts worked on:

Castle Rock Woods, Llangollen, Mr A Tiffen

Poles Coppice, Pontesbury, 'Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country' Landscape Partnership

Cefn Rofft, Jane McCormac

Introduction to Horse Logging training course, Centre for Alternative Technology (with Carnog Working Horses)

Coed Esgair Las, Centre for Alternative Technology (with Carnog Working Horses)

Earl's Hill, Pontesbury, 'Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country' Landscape Partnership

Coed yr Ystrad, LlanfihangelPowys Mr J Firkins

Barnett Wood, Wigmore, Mr J Williams

Pont LlogelNatural Resources Wales

Laundry Lane, Natural Resources Wales (with Carnog Working Horses)

Clunton Coppice, Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Knucklas Castle, Powys, Knucklas Castle Community Land Project Ltd

The Breidden, Forestry Commission, now Natural Resources Wales

Quillet 2879, Brineddin Wood, Redlake Valley Community Benefit Society

Planhigfa Moelfryn, Cader Idris, CCW, now Natural Resources Wales (with Childer Wood Heavy Horses)

Hylands Park, Chelmsford Council (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

Norsey Wood, Basildon Council (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

Crambe Wood, Yorkshire, Mr P Lawley

Hangmans Wood, Thurrock Council (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

Galleywood CommonChelmsford Council (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

East End Wood, BAA Stansted Airport (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex & Suffolk Water (with Hawthorn Heavy Horses)

Sandwell Show, Sandwell Council